Donor Retention Strategies


Your mission, should you choose to accept it…

Hi and welcome to February’s lesson: Donor Retention Strategies. This month we are learning some donor retention strategies to help you build relationships with those who you know give to your cause. We will be using the Fundraising Framework to give a larger view.


What is donor retention? 

Donor retention are the strategies nonprofits use to keep their donors. The goal is to have existing donors continue donating. 


Why you need to do it:

Retention takes less time to execute and less money than finding new donors. Nonprofits report that it costs them five times more to acquire new donors than to retain the ones they have. Nonprofits also tend to spend two to three times more recruiting donors than those donors will give through their first, and possibly only, donation.

Relationships are a key component to giving.  Donor retention strategies will build relationships. 


What you actually need to do:

1. Download the Implementation Guide.

2. Use the Guide to make your donor retention plan.

3. Go to the Facebook group and let me know what you think of this lesson.

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