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We are mixing it up this month! Our email marketing series is being paused until June so we can get expert guidance on creating a case statement from Lori Kranczer, a legacy giving expert.
🔴 Before I get ahead of myself, you probably have some questions-
1️⃣ What is legacy giving?
Legacy giving is when a donor leaves your organization money, stocks, or property in their will or makes you a beneficiary of their insurance policy.
2️⃣ What is a case statement?
A case statement is a core document that lays out to a donor why giving to you is a good investment. Case statements are used in grant writing, major gifts, and legacy giving most often.
3️⃣ Should I be thinking about this?
For legacy giving, Lori recommends having a donor list of 1,500+ donors for a full-blown program. A small program can be successful with a donor list of 600. If you don’t have 600 donors, a case statement can be useful to think through how your organization is a good investment. Parts of the case statement can be used in donor communications such as email newsletters, brochures, and social media posts.
4️⃣ Why isn’t Alesha teaching this?
I want you to have the very best information and teachers. Sometimes that means getting out of the way and letting someone else teach you. Lori is a non-practicing attorney with 30 years of experience helping nonprofits set up their legacy giving program. Her workshop has taught hundreds of nonprofit professionals how to write a case statement. She has the knowledge and experience to help you get the very best results.

The Game Plan

Lori has a workshop on writing case statements and we will be participating. It’s happening May 10th- 14th. Here is the schedule:
👉🏻 Session 1: Why your legacy giving case statement propels your development program 
Monday, May 10th @ 1:00 pm ET [10:00 am PT; 12:00 pm CT)
👉🏻 Session 2: What you need to make your case statement unforgettable
Tuesday, May 11th @ 1:00 pm ET [10:00 am PT; 12:00 pm CT]
👉🏻 Session 3: The foolproof way to draft
Wednesday, May 12th @ 1:00 pm ET [10:00 am PT; 12:00 pm CT]
👉🏻 Session 4: Drafting it with ease
Thursday, May 13th @ 1:00 pm ET [10:00 am PT; 12:00 pm CT]
👉🏻 Session 5: How to use your case statement to get more gifts.
Friday, May 14th @1:00 pm ET [10:00 am PT; 12:00 pm CT]
👉🏻 Each session is about 30 minutes and signing up gets you the replay so you can work through the material if you need a more convenient time during that day. Please note: the sessions will go away after the workshop is completed so make sure you are carving out time each day.
👉🏻 Lori has also agreed to get on a Zoom call with us after the workshop to address our specific questions. Time to be determined.
👉🏻 During Implementation Week, I will be hosting a Zoom accountability group so we can put the case statement together or get it in tip-top shape. I’ll post a poll in the Facebook group to see the availability of the majority.

What you actually need to do:

❗️Action Items:
🟢 Before May 10th, sign up for Lori’s workshop at the link below. 👇🏻 If you have a staff member, Board member, or volunteer you would like to be involved in the process, have them sign up too.
🟢 Print the workbook for the workshop. There’s good stuff in there.
🟢 Show up every day and do the work.

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