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I’m all in building a community to help new and small nonprofit leaders with funding by teaching them sustainable fundraising so they can sleep at night knowing they will be able to help the people they serve.

While you wait, join the Facebook group Nonprofit Nation’s Fundraising Success Path.

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Join Nonprofit Nation’s Fundraising Success Path Facebook group! We are talking about the success path and helping you figure out where you are and what your next steps are.

Most nonprofit leaders lay awake at night trying to figure out how to fund their mission. I teach sustainable fundraising in a way that they can take action today so they can serve their clients.

Hi! I’m Alesha Mathis. I can help you move from just getting started funding your new nonprofit to gaining confidence in your fundraising and building relationships to knowing what works for your organization and looking at the infinite game when it comes to funding.

Each month we tackle a fundraising topic on five different levels with short videos and materials to help you quickly implement what you’ve learned. The success path helps you assess where you are so you can immediately work the step your organization needs.

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