Discover How to Raise Money So You Can Finally Move Your Nonprofit Forward

…without ever using “get funding quick” schemes that leave you barely breaking even and feeling sleazy.

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If you aren’t sleeping at night because you are worried about how you will fund your nonprofit…

…then most likely you are missing the sustainable fundraising strategies that successful nonprofits use every day.

Introducing Nonprofit Nation!

That’s why the membership Nonprofit Nation was created. The fundraising success path in Nonprofit Nation begins with the beginner fundraiser. Each stage adds more sustainable funding strategies until the Booming stage where you are incorporating long-term strategies with an infinite mindset, and implementing strategies that can fund your nonprofit indefinitely.

Nonprofit Nation’s fundraising success path is the most effective way to increase your funding, serve people and your cause.

You’ll get:

  • In one bite-sized 10-20 minute video each month, you will learn one topic that when implemented, can build your fundraising strategy and ultimately give you more funding.
  • The Implementation Guide will give you actionable steps for your stage so you can implement the right things at the right time.
  • Q&As  so you can get clarity.
  • Implementation week where you can get your action steps done.
  • You will also have access to past topics, bonus materials, a private Facebook group, and…
  • Other surprises along the way.

Everything in Nonprofit Nation is designed to cut the fluff and hone in on the things that get results in the quickest most ethical way possible.

Some topics we will cover in Nonprofit Nation are:

  • Ideal Donors
  • Social Media/Online Campaigns
  • Fundraising Letter Writing
  • Fundraising Plans
  • Relationship Building
  • Grants
  • Legacy Giving

Join the membership Nonprofit Nation Now

Nonprofit Nation Members Get Results!

By just using our stage specific fundraising plan in Nonprofit Nation, one nonprofit raised more money in one year than they ever had- and they were facing a 12% per month decrease in funding!

Another strategy, the online fundraising campaign, had one homeless cause nonprofit receiving just under $18,000 with a donor list of less than 600 AND during COVID-19. When everything was said and done, their cost per dollar raised was a penny!

Imagine what happens when you learn how to combine these strategies in Nonprofit Nation!

These results gave Executive Directors, Fundraising Teams, and the Board of Directors the freedom to tackle other growth opportunities and to effectively serve their clients.

Instead of going to bed and lying awake at night trying to figure out how to cover the bills or pay for another event, they were lying in bed awake excited as a kid on Christmas Eve for the next day to serve people.


They couldn’t wait for the next fundraiser to share their success stories…

If You Think…

…Nonprofit Nation costs too much…

For less than one cup of that specialty coffee a week, you can invest in yourself and your nonprofit and get more funding.

  • No more wondering where your next dollar will come from.
  • No more searching the internet and trying to piece together the how-to in fundraising strategies- and not knowing if your nonprofit is ready for the strategy…
  • No more doing it alone. You have an expert and a community of like-minded fundraisers all ready to help each other out.
  • No more wondering what to do next. In fact, members of Nonprofit Nation always know what to be working on that will move their fundraising to the next level.

When you put in the work, the results you have will more than pay for your membership.

…Nonprofit Nation can’t help me…

Nonprofit Nation will help anyone whose organization is in any of these stages.

Stage 1- Ignite

You have a passion for your nonprofit’s mission but your experience with fundraising has been your child’s wrapping paper or candy bar sales for school. Maybe you’ve even sold a few Boston Butts for a civic organization you’ve been involved with. The bottom line is that you didn’t know there was a difference in what you’ve called fundraising and what professionals call fundraising. And oh, what a world that has opened up!

You are just getting started- not only in your nonprofit but in your fundraising as well. Your fundraising passion comes from knowing you need funds to serve your clients. And serving your clients is really your deep calling. 

Stage 2- Achieve

Achievers have the fundraising basics in place and are beginning to see small fundraising successes. Your passion is still in your mission and serving your clients and you know fundraising is a necessity.  You’ve had fundraisers and have had limited success with them. You want to learn more strategies to get more funding.

At this point, fundraising still feels like a transaction- Someone gives you money. You say thank you and you use the money for your nonprofit. You are starting to understand that there is more than transactional fundraising but you don’t think you have the bandwidth to do the things that start a relationship.

Stage 3- Momentum

In this stage, you are having bigger success in your fundraising. You have more funding from your fundraisers than you’ve ever had. You are more confident in your abilities and are finding fundraising easier. You sleep better at night knowing you have a plan.

Fundraising is less a necessary evil and more … well… fun! 

At this point, you are starting to think there is more to fundraising than a transaction-. Someone gives you money. You say thank you and you use the money for your nonprofit.  Maybe you have asked for donations and haven’t gotten the response you thought you’d get. You’ve received more funding than in the last stage but you can’t escape the feeling you’re missing something. You are starting to think about how you can work activities into your day that help build relationships and retain donors on your growing list.

In this stage, we will focus on the activities that help establish like, know and trust with potential donors and existing donors. We go into social media and deepen our knowledge of sustainable fundraising activities.

Stage 4- Synergy

Synergy members are creating partnerships in their communities and focusing on donor relationships.

You know fundraising that is sustainable is about relationships. You are transitioning from transactional fundraising to relationship fundraising. You are starting to think of your donors as partners and your messaging reflects that idea.

Stage 5- Booming

When you are in the Booming stage, you have funding and a plan to raise more. You know what fundraising activities work for your organization and you are looking at long-term and infinite fundraising strategies.

Boomers learn about legacy programs, grants, monthly donor programs, and major donors. They are looking for ways of funding that go beyond long-term and enters into infinite funding.

If any of these stages describe your skill level or nonprofit, Nonprofit Nation will help you.

…Nonprofit Nation will take up too much time…

Nonprofit Nation is designed to take up as little time as possible and still get results. The information is given to you in bite-sized pieces that you can fit into your schedule. You will get only the information you need and no fluff so you can spend the time necessary for implementing what you learn. Also, whenever it’s appropriate, you get templates, checklists, done-for-you files, and SWIPE files to make implementation quicker. 

Nonprofit Nation is here to uncomplicate fundraising and give you back time to spend on serving your people.

Join the membership Nonprofit Nation Now

Nonprofit Nation isn’t for You if…

  • You want “get funding quick” schemes using any methods-ethical or not- that you can find.

  • You aren’t willing or able to schedule the time it takes to do the work and get results.

  • You know everything about fundraising and don’t need any more education.

Nonprofit Nation IS for You if…

  • You are an Executive Director, Fundraising staff, Fundraising Committee Board member.

  • You want to grow professionally in fundraising.

  • You are a new Founder of a nonprofit.

  • You are new to a Development position.

Nonprofit Nation IS for You if You Believe…

  • Integrity is a value at the heart of your being. You do what you say and say what you do- even when no one is looking. Your integrity shows in all your dealings with others.

  • You have a purpose and your nonprofit is a calling. You are passionate about your cause and your nonprofit. You believe down deep that you were made for this work.

  • You approach people and your life with gratitude. Fundraisers with a grateful heart will get better results.

  • In fairness for all. The community Nonprofit Nation strives to build is one where fairness is applied. We look for win-win solutions whenever possible. We believe people should be treated fairly, with grace, and respect. We don’t have to agree with each other on every subject but we do believe we are better together- with all our different viewpoints. Our motto: “Where you stand depends on where you sit.” We strive to understand where you sit.

  • Fundraising can be fun (or want it to be fun!), then you are in the right place. We want Nonprofit Nation to be fun so we include surprises from time to time. We also laugh and make corny jokes about things inside and outside of fundraising. We celebrate wins and cheer each other on.

Join the membership Nonprofit Nation Now

If You Are Ready to…

  • Move your fundraising forward and see real results…

  • Learn ethical fundraising strategies that get long-lasting results…

  • Invest in yourself and your nonprofit to help more people in more ways…

Then, it’s time to sign up…

Hi! I’m Alesha!

Most nonprofit leaders lay awake at night trying to figure out how to fund their mission. I teach sustainable fundraising in a way that they can take action today so they can serve their clients.

I can help you move from just getting started funding your new nonprofit to gaining confidence in your fundraising and building relationships to knowing what works for your organization and looking at the infinite game when it comes to funding. I’ve worked with nonprofit Founders and written the book I HAVE MY 501(C)3! NOW WHAT?!? Your Blueprint to Starting Your Nonprofit Without Being the Sole Funder that lays the foundations for funding in a new nonprofit.

I’ve worked in Development (Fundraising) Departments in large organizations and I know the no cost, low-cost methods they use to bring in funding. I bring those sound strategies to the nonprofits I serve.


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